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Sample Submission Forms

On this page you find the most recent Sample Submission Forms. Our range of tests expands regularly. Please use these most accurate version of the Sample Submission forms with available tests per specie.

For performing DNA-tests per swab you need to use the swabs provided by our laboratory. They can be ordered free of charge. Click here for the order form.

Administration costs and discounts:
Sample submissions for dogs, cats and horses using paper submission forms will be charged at € 4,22 (excl. VAT) per sample. Orders through our webshop will not be charged with administration costs.

Discounts do not apply to orders using paper submission forms. Discounts apply to webshop orders only

Sample Submission Forms:          

Witness Sampling Statement:

We offer the possibility to mention on a test certificate when sampling was performed in presence of a witness. The procedure is indicated as ‘Witness Sampling Statement’. The witness confirms, during the sampling procedure, the link between the sample information and the actual sample by filling out the form 'Witness Sampling Statement’. When used, please submit a completed form ‘Witness Sampling Statement’ and a completed 'Sample Submission Form’ with the corresponding samples. When incomplete forms are submitted, the ‘Witness Sampling Statement’ will be ignored.

Special Sample Submission Forms: 

Special Sample Submission Forms VHP Malle Belgium